MT-V5311 Long Reach Ethernet over VDSL2 SFP Transceiver
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  • The industry-standard SFP transceiver was defined as a hot-swappable input/output device that plugs into the fiber transceiver without having to hard-mounted it on the PCB. Metanoia combines our VDSL2 chipset MT5311 with the compact SFP module in order to provide users more choices to have Ethernet connection, especially for long range extension, without needing to install a new fiber optical cable.



    Deployment Scenario 1:  Long Reach Ethernet over xDSL




  • The LREoVD2 SFP is designed with flexible profiles settings for system integrator, or user, to select based on their different applications and environment requirements. Symmetric profile can be applied as a standard Ethernet connection while Asymmetric profile can be used for other services like Video streaming or IP surveillance services which require high traffic flow in a single direction. Furthermore, the LREoVD2 SFP is supporting Telco grade noise cancellation techniques like Interleave, high SNR profile, and retransmission that can greatly eliminate the noise impact to ensure your service/control messages can still securely deliver in a harsh environment. In addition, the MT-V5311 LREoVD2 SFP is an industrial grade component which ensures that it could work properly in the industrial market.

    With long reach coverage, high noise immunity, and tiny board size, Metanoia MT-V5311 LREoVD2 SFP is an ideal accessory for your enterprise and industry applications.







  • One SFP, Infinite Possibilities
    -An Extremely Smart Way to Upgrade Your Network Service