G.fast FTU-R SFP transceiver
MT-G5321 G.fast Small Form-Factor Pluggable transceiver
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    Metanoia MT-G5321 SFP product is a simplest smart G.fast SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) transceiver with electrical interface specified by a MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) that can be integrated with any switch/router platform and end devices.

    MT-G5321 SFP is one of the Metanoia PHY SFP product series complying with the ITU-T G.9701/ G.9700 G.Fast standard which can provide  up to 1Gbps data rate. This G.fast SFP can be easily plugged into any CPE Gateway which has an SFP cage on board. In order to Identify G.Fast SFP after insert to SFP slot, MT5321 G.Fast SFP will follow SFF-8472 first 128 byte format let Host to read these 128 bytes information prior to loading the program into SFP device through 2-wire I2C interface.







  • Deployment Scenario 1:  As a upgrade module on the existing CPE Gateway




  • MT-G5321 SFP has an ultra-low power dissipation design in a small form factor SFP package and it can co-exist with legacy xDSL deployments using programmable bandwidth and PSD which allows Service Providers to provide different access technology within One Box. Realizing the modulation of broadband access technology will help ISPs prevent any possible increase on the management cost. On the other hand, using the same user interface will make the upgrade easier and more attractive to end users.


    Metanoia MT-G5321 SFP completes the One Box solution for broadband access which enables users to upgrade their existing Home Gateways to Gigabit speed without paying for the expensive hardware upgrades. Leveraging Metanoia xDSL SFP modules will be the most cost-efficient solution for ISPs to upgrade their network service.





  • As a upgrade module on the existing CPE Gateway


    G.fast SFP type of WAN for Smart RG