Ultra-High Speed Multimedia G.hn Solution

Metanoia's G.hn chipset MT-G2501 is a perfect choice for building solutions designed to fulfill the increasing demands for rich home networking applications and experiences that enable the recent well-known trend, IoT revolution. With Metanoia's Smart PHY architecture, Metanoia's G.hn chipset can be easily integrated into popular applications (to name a few, like NAS, Gateway, OTT box and TV) with minimal efforts, to enable instant connectivity between various devices over readily accessible existing mediums inside a home like Power line, Phone line or Coaxial cable.

Metanoia MT-G2501 can address various in-home and access application scenarios, including the most common PLC Solutions for Home Networking like PLC Ethernet Adapter and PLC WiFi Extender and the Ethernet over Coax (EoC) solution for Access Network. Metanoia's MT-G2501 is compliant with the ITU G.hn family of standards .


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